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Our vision - How we see the future of our company!

Our mission is to increase the market share and reputation of the company within the global market to become the world's leading producer of high-quality aluminium tubes and to continuously develop our business model in line with this strategy. The primary goal of all our efforts is to be the global market leader. As one of the biggest suppliers in today’s World market and as the European market leader, we see a responsibility for all the people in our stakeholder community:

  • Our employees, skills, knowledge and motivation are essential requirements for the systematic and sustainable development of our company. In addition, we want to provide security and further development in the workplace, to help improve their social environment in a company which is modern, employee-friendly and is constantly being improved. It fills us with pride and respect that we are able to welcome a high proportion of workers from many different cultural backgrounds to work here. We are especially happy to offer families and individuals, a concerted way to combine family and work. In addition to the pay agreements, we offer to our employees the opportunity to participate on the company’s early retirement scheme.
  • Our customers, to whom we give our complete commitment, together with a desire to always exceed their needs and expectations.
  • Our shareholders are available to provide us with support and advice not only through the non executive board of directors, motivating us with their profit expectation, questioning the past achievements to continuously improve and enabling us with their long term and sustainable support of our business model to systematically and successfully meet the needs of the global markets.
  • Our suppliers whose quality, delivery, and often their flexibility allow us to meet the needs of our customers.
  • The people within the responsible German and European authorities define the framework of our business activities and formulate trendsetting directions, influencing our position within international competition and providing the foundation for German industry.

These people determine the image of the Aluminiumwerk Unna AG in the public domain and to these people we are responsible to ensure continuous further development of our business model for the benefit for all involved. We respect all legal obligations as well as the protection of the environment, reasonable usage of energy, safety in the workplace and the consequences of our actions with regards to the sustainable positive development of our company. We, the management team of Aluminiumwerk Unna AG are responsible. Challenge us!