DIN ISO 9001
EN 9100
EN ISO 5001
EN ISO 14001
Nadcap Zertifikat

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Nous possédons les certifications suivantes pour les domaines aéronautique et spatial :

Agusta Westland
No. AW/0318, scope: MAT-002 -Supplier Of Metallic Raw Material; MAT-102 -Aluminium Mill -Extruded and Drawn Tube; 933-AQ MATERIALS; listed in SQA 50

AIRBUS HELICOPTERS, France and Germany
Approved supplier since 1993, also listed in L030 03-002

Airbus SAS
UK Approval No. 227805 + Approved for ABS 5151, 5147, 5145, 5144, ASNA 3410; DAN 40; LN 1795; LN 9222

Ref.: ACO/A/LT/JJH/5864

Bell Helicopter Textron, USA
Approved supplier since 1990

Boeing Company, USA (Commercial Aircraft)
Approved to D1-4426 on 16.02.2004 (for Seamless Tubes in 2024 and 7075 acc. WW-T 700 ff and AMS 4088 and 7075 acc. QQ-A-200/11 )

Boeing Company, USA (Military Defense)
Approved acc. D6-82479 Appendix B on 28.02.2002

Bombardier Inc., Canadair Aerospace Group
Supplier approval of 11th September 1989

DIN EN 9100:2009; AS 9100 Rev. C; JISQ 9100:2009, DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Embraer, Brasilia
Technical Evaluations Report QQP/SQF-175/03

Eurocroyspace France, Programme Ariane 5
Approved supplier since February 2000

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, USA
Approval for material, parts and/or services since Dec. 2005

Hawker Beechcraft Corporation
Primary HBQCS Approval No. RAIF/SAS/Part3/0861 as Raw Material Manufacturer

Kalistrut Aerospace
Approved supplier in L03-01 since 2013 May

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
QCS 320

Lockheed Martin Corp. Electronics & Missiles, (Orlando)
Cage Code D3533, Part No. 2144P725

Martin Baker Aircraft Co Ltd.
Supplier since 2000

MBDA, Matra BAe Dynamics, France
since Sept. 2003

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Ltd.

Nagoya Aerospace Systems
QPL P90059 and QPL P9022

Pankl Systems Ges. m.b.H
Approved supplier since Feb. 2002

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems LTD.
approved Supplier since

Ultrasonic testing of tubes acc. Rafael Specification 5036 since 14.12.2015
Approved supplier since Feb. 2002, SP 950

Raytheon Aircraft Company
Raw Material Supplier Approval since Oct. 2001

Approval No. RAIFSAS/PART3/0861
Approved supplier since Nov. 2003

acc. QPL – AMS 4083 for C919

Sikorsky Aircraft, USA
Approved supplier since Feb. 2002, SP 950

Smiths Electronic Systems – Cheltenham
Reference VMG0213, audited on 22.04.2004

TAC, Technical Airborne Components Industries S.p.r.l
Approved supplier since Nov. 2003

TAI, Tusas-Türk Havalicic Ve Uzay Sanayi A.S
Approved supplier since March 2013

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