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Aluminiumwerk Unna AG is specialised in the production of Aluminium tubes. The Aluminium tubes are extruded on site using two possible methods. These are either Seamless extrusion or Porthole extrusion.

It is quite simple to distinguish between the two extrusion methods. In seamless extrusion, a mandrel is positioned and fixed inside the extrusion die, creating the inner contour of the tube. In porthole extrusion, the mandrel is fixed and is supported by a number of integral bridges affixed to the outer portion of the extrusion die.

Which production method is appropriate is dependent on alloy and application. High-strength alloys, for example, can only be produced by seamless extrusion.

The subsequent cold drawing of an extruded aluminium tube may be a requirement of specification or for improved final dimensions, tolerances, thinner wall thicknesses or properties than is possible by extrusion alone.

Sometimes the Aluminium tubes or profiles are required in short fixed lengths rather than long or random lengths. This service is provided by our dedicated finish cut mill.

Depending on the final dimension of the tube, we can offer a number of available surface finishes. We offer grinding, polishing or honing to provide outside and inside surfaces to the required quality.